Wal-mart & P&G Take Collaboration To The Next Level

Last Saturday, my wife and I sat down to watch a little bit of television on a gray and rainy night with not much hope of finding new content in the depths of mid-summer.

We settled on a “new to us” movie called “Secrets of the Mountain” on NBC – which turned out to be the latest in Wal-mart / P&G collaboration.

Think Hallmark Hall of Fame but with product placements and advertisements from both Wal-mart and P&G.

We have always known that these two companies have had a close relationship, which is evident in stores, but this really takes things to the next level.

Cast with credible actors, well produced and containing a decent “family story” – the movie quickly starts with product placements from P&G brands like Pringles and Dawn. They also included several “pantry shots” with plenty of Wal-mart’s “Great Value” brand predominantly placed.

This is a great example of how suppliers can build their own, as well as Private Label brands, at the same time.

The movie was sprinkled with 30-second spots for both P&G products and Wal-mart’s current Rollback campaign. There were also plugs for the second movie in the series titled “The Jensen Project” which aired this past weekend.

In Canada, this could be a great new way for suppliers and retailers to work together. Imagine the Unilever / Loblaws movie hour on CBC.

Production costs could be lowered through attractive tax incentives offered by both Federal and Provincial governments for generating Canadian content. We have a wealth of great Canadian talent from actors, producers and musical artists that could result in quality content.

Bulk purchases of commercial airtime would reduce the cost per impression (did I mention the US airing of “Secrets” drew 7.5 million viewers) while the saturation of ads and product placements would like increase media spend efficiency.

Add to this the potential for strengthening the supplier / retailer relationship – this could be a winning solution for both sides of the equation.

The question is “Who will be first in Canada?”


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