Visit the Walmart Supercentre of the Future


The future is now on display for the world’s biggest company.

Just off Interstate 49 in northwest Arkansas, a few miles from the company’s headquarters, shoppers can now witness Walmart’s store, er, superstore of the future.

Visitors to this reimagined box store will behold a variety of omnichannel innovations, including:
An expansive curbside pickup area, complete with digital kiosks
A drive-thru for retrieving online orders
A kiosk for claiming in-store pickups
A “scan-and-go” checkout station, letting patrons shop via the Walmart app and then pay with a quick scan of a digital barcode
The next generation store also boasts an assortment of low-tech atmospheric enhancements, like a stylish barbecue restaurant and sleeker electronic displays.
It’s all in an effort, as Walmart’s chief merchandising officer said, to “…bring enthusiasm back to the stores.”

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