Virtual Store Tour: Ultramar Corner Store

The gasoline c-store industry in Atlantic Canada has undergone a major modernization in the past decade led by the roll-out of Couche Tard’s banner Circle K at Irving locations across the region.

Another innovative player in the market is Ultramar, who operates the network of Corner Store / Depanneur au Coin locations at select Ultramar sites.

We visited Ultramar’s most recent site, located on Hebron Way in St. John’s, NL and the pages that follow show the highlights of this large c-store / quick serve restaurant that is squarely focussed on serving the many commuters that pass by its doors each morning and afternoon.

The location includes Mr. Sub and Country Style coffee franchises with a drive thru and large seating area inside the main store that creates something like a mini food court environment.

Grab and Go is a key feature with several refrigerated “islands” with sandwiches, snacks and cold drinks.

Ultramar is a strong player in Quebec and Atlantic and is owned by CST Brands, which is based in San Antonio Texas and operates over 3000 locations in the US and Canada.

There are 869 Ultramar locations in Canada, of which 303 sites include a corporate run convenience store operation.

Download the Virtual Store Tour here.


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