Virtual Store Tour – Costco Business Centre – Scarborough, ON

While getting a Costco membership today is as easy as presenting yourself at a warehouse and paying your membership fee – there was a time when getting a Costco membership was sort of like a “golden ticket” that only a select few could access, namely union members, non-profits and business owners.

In what is seen as an effort to reconnect with its past, Costco has been opening “business centre” stores in the United States over the past few years and the first store in Canada just opened in Scarborough, ON.

The store is squarely focused on small businesses such as restaurants and convenience stores with large foodservice sized products and equipment – the assortment is definitely not your typical Costco store!

Despite being focused on business owners, the store is open to all members at no extra cost.

The store is smaller than typical Costco stores but does not include ancillary services such as a canteen and optician so there is more selling space for pallets. The range within a category is also deeper. Where Costco may have one brand of bottled water in a typical store, the business centre store may carry several brands.

In case you haven’t had a chance to make it out to Scarborough to check it out – we sent a few of our Field Agents to the store to take some photos so you can see what this store is all about. We hope you enjoy this Virtual Store Tour!

Download the Virtual Tour here.


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