Using Social Media to Boost Your Promo Sales

With the release of “The Social Network” this week – I thought I would jump on the Social Media bandwagon with a tip that might help you boost your sales by leveraging the power of the Internet.

I have been noticing sites like, and; which are on-line communities for bargain hunters in Canada. These sites are full of CPG bargains that can be easily searched and shared by its users.

As a KAM, I would be very interested in getting my promotions exposed on sites like in order to really drive traffic to my retailer and boost sell through during promo weeks.

Caution is necessary. Transparency is a cornerstone of on-line groups. There are already lots of stories about well-meaning CPGers rising the ire of web communities by posting promotion info while posing as normal consumers and with out fully disclosing their interests.

However, developing a coordinated strategy with your customer, sales management team and IT department could really give a boost to your promotional ROI.

I think that in the not so distant future traditional paper flyers will go the way of the VHS cassette.  Early adopters will have a distinct advantage.


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