They Promised Prime Placement in Store, Is That What Really Happened?

They Promised Prime Placement in Store, Is That What Really Happened? - Field Agent Canada - Mystery Shoppers in Canada

You are one of many companies hoping to secure excellent placement for your products in retail stores. Even if you were promised great visibility, it’s not safe to simply assume that your brand is being recognized through all the noise. Fortunately there’s an efficient way to know for sure.

What Makes Prime Placement?

The physical locations of your products make all the difference, not only as to how well they sell, but also as to the reputability of your brand. When your placement isn’t strong, you’re more likely to fall short of your potential, and your competitors will overshadow you in the stores that stock your items. Instead of settling for decent placement, you should strive for prime placement whenever you can. As they say, eye-level is buy-level, so the right vertical placing is highly influential. In addition to this, however, your products will need to be well coordinated in terms of assortment planning, have the right number of facings, and more.

Trust Isn’t Enough

If a store promises you prime positioning of your products, you would naturally assume that they’ll do everything they can to follow through on that promise. In reality, however, things are rarely so simple. Retail stores have many vendors to keep up with, many products to organize, and their own needs as a business to account for when developing planograms to suit the sales goals of both themselves and their many suppliers. At the end of the day, it’s most viable for you to be as certain as possible that you’re getting the placement advantage that you were promised. For this, you need reliable people at ground-level.

Modern Methods

There are many moving parts that determine how your items end up being placed in store, with a sizable number of locations stocking your products. This kind of complexity boils down to one thing: The more information you have, and the higher its quality, the better. If you want to efficiently and thoroughly audit the placement of your products in multiple retail locations, you’ll need diligent and experienced field agents collecting both written and visual placement data at each location. Equip those agents with a well-designed auditing app and you’re leveraging the most sophisticated and streamlined method out there today.

Whether it’s detailed in-store auditing, sharper market research, or a better customer experience, the team at Field Agent Canada has the knowledge, technology, and manpower to help you meet and surpass your goals. Contact us today and we’ll be ready to take you further!


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