The Only Secret Is When They’ll Arrive

The Only Secret Is When They'll Arrive - Field Agent Canada - Mystery Shoppers Canada

If you’re a retailer, you’re probably eager to better understand how your business is performing when it comes to customer experience. Tools like customer surveys can only get you so far in this regard, so what about secret shoppers? Are they really as “secret” as the term implies?


Understanding Secret Shoppers


Even if a company and its staff are technically and strategically good at providing what they provide, a lot of damage can be done by a sub-par customer experience. Not only this, but it’s the kind of damage that can be particularly difficult to reverse. Since you can’t always be there to supervise the customer service abilities of those who represent your business, the smartest way to assess performance is to see things through the eyes of your customers. Secret shoppers, also known as mystery shoppers, can provide you with vital information by visiting your retail locations and giving you direct access to their experience as customers.


Are They Really Secret?


Don’t be mislead by how the terms “mystery shopper” and “secret shopper” sound. It’s not as deceptive a process as you may think. Ultimately, the only secret involved in utilizing secret shoppers is when exactly the shopper will come to the store. In order for the secret shopper to help you develop a truthful and useful assessment of the customer experience that your business provides, the staff at the given location need to be unaware of whether or not the client they’re serving is conducting research. This is the best way for you to see and experience exactly what your customers do.


The Right Approach


Of course, how effective the use of mystery shoppers ends up being will depend on how you approach this process. With the kind of mobile technology, crowdsourcing techniques, and analytics tools that are available today, there’s no reason not to overhaul conventional thinking and place yourself at the cutting edge. You don’t just want to send a secret shopper into one of your locations and interview them afterwards, you want to seize the potential of high-quality, actionable data. From photos and video to detailed customer experience metrics and beyond, the future of CX research is here, and the tools are readily at hand.

If you want a true picture of the customer experience offered by your retail business, skilled mystery shoppers can make it happen. With years of expertise to our name, Field Agent Canada can deliver the insights you need and so much more. Get in touch with us today!


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