Target Watch: Video Games, Doritos and Mountain Dew

Recently we were in Minneapolis touring Target stores in advance of our Canada 101 session and we saw a unique display that shows great understanding of shopper needs and the out of the box thinking about merchandising for which Target is famous.

The display pictured below is located in the “PFresh” food section and contains three very complementary products: Doritos, Mountain Dew and the hottest new video game of the season “Call Of Duty MW3”.

Think about the genius of this display:

  1. When a new video game like COD MW3 comes out, gamers often lock themselves down and spend long periods of time tackling the new game. They need munchies and caffeine and this display of Pepsico products gives COD gamers a one-stop shop for all their gaming needs.
  2. The PFresh section of the store is located 100 meters from the main Electronics section where the video games are usually merchandised. While the game was prominent in the home section, this secondary merchandising – free of purchase barriers such as locked display cases shows Target’s ability to be entrepreneurial and take some risks that make sense for the growth of its business and the needs of its Guests.

This is the type of thinking that Canadian retailers will be up against in 2013 when Target arrives and what vendors must demonstrate to Target Canada when they get their Merchandising teams in place in early 2012.

To find out more about doing business with Target Canada we suggest you attend our second session of “Selling Target In Canada” which will be held on January 26th in Mississauga. Register today as our last session was sold out!


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