Target Store List Gets A Little Clearer – And Muddier

On Friday, Target announced the final list of 84 Zellers leases that they would purchase from HBC.

These locations are in addition to the 105 stores announced back in May and the one purpose built store slated for Toronto that was announced in June.

However, the story is more complicated.

Included in the 84 stores are the 39 leases that were re-sold to Wal-mart including stores in Ontario (19), Alberta (6), Quebec (8), Nova Scotia (3), New Brunswick (1), British Columbia (1) & Newfoundland (1).

Target also announced that it had bought a former Walmart store location in Niagara Falls, ON.

In order to get to Target’s stated goal of 125-135 stores, they will still have to shed 15-25 stores, either to other retailers or the property owners.

The latest store list can be downloaded here.

We will be watching the story to see how Target further dwindles its store list from the 150 leases it currently holds, down towards the 135 range for launch in 2013.


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