Target Looks To Reach $6 Billion in Canadian Sales

Reuters reported this week that Target will be looking to achieve $6 billion in turnover at its Canadian operations as it looks to grow to a $100 billion company in six or seven years time.

Target CFO Douglas Scovanner also seemed to give the first indication that the store count in Canada could reach up to 200 or more stores.

As a point of comparison, these figures would make Target the seventh biggest retailer in Canada.

Scovanner also highlighted significant investments that Target will be making in store renovations (up to $10 million per store) and up to $500 million to implement supply chain and information technology to support the business.

As you can see things are moving very fast and 2013 will be upon us sooner than it may seem. Target has some ambitious goals for its first international market and is making a significant investment to make it happen.

How will a $6 billion Target Canada affect your business?


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