Tackling On-Shelf Availability in Canada

Encountering an out-of-stock product when shopping is a very frustrating experience for shoppers and a very costly problem for both retailers and suppliers alike.

A 2018 study, by IHL Group revealed that out-of-stocks (OOS) cost American retailers approximately $634 billion annually. Based on that study, we can extrapolate that this issue costs Canadian retailers at least $63 billion in sales. This is a problem that cannot be ignored by the industry any longer.

Field Agent Canada recently surveyed 1775 Canadian shoppers about the impact of On-Shelf Availability issues while shopping for their weekly groceries providing a baseline on the shopper impact of out-of-stock items.

We also conducted four waves of retail OSA Audits across 20 categories to identify the extent of the problem in Canada today and our report also offers insights on what you can do to fix OSA issues on your products and brands.

The full results can be downloaded here:

OSA Monitor Final Report


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