Supplier / Brands Audits & Observations

Field Agent Canada



Audit your products in the retail space quickly and affordably.


By combining the strengths of crowdsourcing and mobile trends, Field Agent has constructed new, faster, and more affordable ways for you to keep an eye on what is happening to your products and branding guidelines on the ground level of the retail experience. After all, just because they’ve left your factories or storage sites, doesn’t mean that they are entirely out of your hands. It’s vital to ensure that these products succeed in the retail realm in order to ensure the longevity and fruitfulness of your own endeavors.

We allow suppliers and manufacturers to better engage with the efforts of their retail partners, maintaining efficiency and offering holistic observations while still remaining cost-effective. With real customers acting as our Agents across the country and local to the area you want to observe, our services help you reduce the complexity and effort of keeping up with your product.

Many different factors must be taken into consideration when examining the success and performance of retailer selling your product. What are some of the things that our mystery shoppers evaluate during an audit?

  • Price-checks to ensure that retailers are pricing your products correctly.
  • Planogram and model compliance that ensure your products are properly positioned.
  • Photos of display and signage compliance within the store.
  • On-shelf availability monitoring, ensuring your products aren’t missing while shoppers are looking.
  • Understanding how shoppers interact with the product and marketing with intelligent observations.

What types of research are retailers doing with Field Agent?

Display Compliance

Are retailers displaying your products and promotions according to the guidelines you set up? Are they displayed appropriately and effectively in the store? Our mystery shoppers gather photos for your reference.

Product Assortment

With our own proprietary technology, our agents capture photos of your products on the retail shelf and process them so you can see your product’s share-of-shelf, planogram set up, and more. Learn how to maximize the prevalence of your product!

On-Shelf Availability

The presentation of your shelfs and the accessibility of the products you offer are a sometimes underestimated aspect of the retail experience, but it’s a crucial factor in the audits that our mystery shoppers carry out.

Signage Review

You want to see evidence that your signage is noticeable and pleasing to the eye; we provide photographic of how the signage looks to your customers, as well as an assessment of the kind of impact that your signage has on consumer behaviour.