Staples Excels At Back-To-School Shopping

Back-to school shopping is a main focus at many retail stores this time of year.   Many back-to-school items can be found with a quick stop into Staples, Loblaw, Walmart , Target, or many other retailers.

The back-to-school period is one in which Staples pulls out all the stops.  On a recent trip into a Staples store, our Field Agent found that the company is quite serious about this coveted sales period.

Upon entering a Staples store, our Field Agent was presented with this store map that is used specifically for BTS shopping.


After entering the store on the right-hand side, BTS shoppers are directed right as shown by the large arrow facing upwards.  This will take them past big displays with BTS merchandise such as various Crayola products, glue, rulers, markers, scissors, staplers, punches and pencil cases.

After this, customers are directed left towards additional big displays containing notebooks, duotangs, binders and paper.  These displays run along the entire length of the store.

At the end of the aisle, customers are directed half way up aisle two and then redirected across the middle width of the store to purchase markers, hi-lighters, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, pens, whiteout and sharpies.

The map layout then redirects customers halfway down aisle five for things such as lunch kits, backpacks, math sets and locker supplies.  Lastly, calculators and tech tools are featured in aisles seven and eight.

The Staples back-to-school layout map provides customers with an easy-to-look-at quick reference for finding school supplies. Staples stores feature big square footages and walking into a big box Staples store can feel a little overwhelming to try and find BTS supplies.

But, the company smartly placed BTS supplies along outside aisles so that customers do not have to search up and down every aisle to find what they need.

Staples also offers a convenient all-in-one shop to find all BTS supplies.  Retailers such as Walmart, Target and Loblaw currently have some great deals on BTS supplies, but do not provide all BTS supplies that students need all in one place.  This is a void that Staples fills.

BTS shopping at Staples provides a convenient place to purchase all supplies without the hassle of shopping around.  The BTS store map also provides added convenience to help customers navigate their way through this large store to purchase all needed BTS supplies.



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