Spotted By Field Agent @ Walmart

Action Alley is the place to be at Walmart so that you can benefit from the heavy traffic doing the “racetrack” around the store. More and more we have seen pallets taking over this space vs. 4-ways displays.

For a Beauty brand, playing the pallet game can be tough – “stacking it high and watching it fly” might work for soup or toilet paper but not so much for Beauty products. Shoppers want to shop a high quality environment when they are choosing these products.

This permanent pallet by L’Oreal Paris combines sturdy construction with high quality graphics and claims. Small touches such as plastic cavities to keep products upright and education and claims on the shelf strips could make this pallet look at home in a Shoppers Drug Mart as well.

No doubt, maintenance will be a challenge in these high traffic stores but this is a great example of pushing the envelope of retailer merchandising strategies and brand image to make a great impression with shoppers!


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