Spotted by Field Agent @ Shoppers Drug Mart

One of the unintended consequences of the “seasonal creep” that we have been experiencing over the past few years in retail merchandising is the collision of merchandising events that sees Summer, Back-to-School, Halloween and even Christmas co-exitsing on shelf at this time of year.

It does seem counter-intuitive that retailers would not concentrate on one event at a time and maximize its overall merchandising and marketing efforts on on goal vs. splitting logistics and in-store resources across several events at the same time.

The end result of a focussed effort should be high-impact events for shoppers, cleaner stores and higher profits through increased efficiencies and less requirement for markdowns and discounted merchandise due to a overall shortage of merchandising space in-store.

Given that Canadian Moms have only completed 53% of Back-To-School shopping, switching resources to Halloween already may be resulting in lost sales for retailers.

Instead retailers should “do one thing, and do it well.”


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