Spotted by Field Agent @ Shoppers Drug Mart

There is nothing worse than a retail line up. Standing in line to give up your money is bad for business.

While the king of the line-up may be Costco, a close contender would be high volume Shoppers Drug Mart stores with line ups worsened by short staffing, lottery ticket sales and high customer counts being routed through only a handful of checkouts.

When you just have one or two things to purchase (imagine Imodium and some bottled water), standing in line is torture.

Half of Canadians are dissatisfied with the checkout process but they are pretty accepting of self checkouts and we have seen more and more roll out as retailers have tried to speed up lines and save labour costs.

This SDM store has installed self checkouts where shoppers can zoom through if they have six items or less. This is a big jump for the drug store chain which will have to balance the new technology with loss prevention, especially in categories such as cosmetics and OTC.

SDM is not the first Canadian drug store with self checkouts but with over 1300 stores they have the potential to have the most self checkout lines in Canada if they choose to roll this out nationally. Here’s hoping they do!


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