Spotted By Field Agent @ Safeway

Sometimes we see things in store that would be better placed in a museum than in today’s retail space. In the US there are even websites showing the ancient finds such as the Walmart focussed site called “Raiders of The Lost Walmart“.

This past week, we spotted a real gem on the front of a shopping cart at a Safeway store in Calgary. The cart advertising that was showing was for Lipton Asian Creations, an innovation for the side dish brand now sold as Knorr Sidekicks.

Just how old is this signage? Well, we know that Lipton re-launched the Side Dishes line up as Lipton Sidekicks in Canada in 2000 and a trademark application for Lipton Asian Creations was filed in May 1998; so we suspect that this piece is pushing 20 years old!

This may bring back some nostalgia for some of us in the industry, especially Lipton / Unilever alumni; but it is also interesting to think that some of the new grads that will be joining our industry this summer would have been in diapers when this cart advertising campaign was first placed in-store!


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