Spotted by Field Agent @ Safeway

Back in 2005, Coca-Cola launched Coke Zero in Canada to widespread success as it targeted the male market with the more masculine black packaging (vs. Diet Coke, primarily targeted at Females) and a taste closer to regular Coca-Cola without the calories or sugar.

This summer, Coca-Cola is transitioning the Coke Zero brand to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in order to reinforce the zero sugar positioning, which according to Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey, was lost on some consumers.

The transition in Canada is already underway with a “soft-phase” already taking over about two-thirds of the shelf space dedicated to Coke Zero in the Safeway where we took this photo.

The change in Canada is more subtle than in the US, where the Coke Zero packaging will also sport red circles making the connection back to the flagship brand.

Unlike the “New Coke” fiasco of the 1980’s, this appears to be a packaging-only makeover, as some of us here at Field Agent are Coke Zero drinkers but did not notice the difference and had to go back to the recycling bin to see if we had consumer the old or new packs recently (it was both)…


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