Spotted by Field Agent @ Real Atlantic Superstore

While it was a bit of a unknown tradition, many Loblaw Market banner stores had a bell near the customer service desk that you could ring if you were happy with customer service during your visit – an audible cue to store staff that they were doing a great job! It reminds us a little bit of the bell behind the bar at “Cheers”.

Well apparently some customers were complaining about the bell (people are becoming very fragile in this digital age, it seems) and it has now been replaced with the Happy Not system you may have seen at bathrooms in Toronto’s Pearson airport.

It seems a shame that something so rich and traditional has been replaced with something that is inanimate and probably spits out a spreadsheet that gets mentioned once a week in a staff meeting. Removing the bell also takes away the opportunity for staff to interact with the “ringer”.

While we do a lot of mystery shop and customer satisfaction work at Field Agent and we are truly a digital company – we think the retail world needs more bells, not less!


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