Spotted by Field Agent on Groupon

By most accounts, Costco has been performing very well in Canada growing to over 90 warehouses from coast-to-coast and increasing their share of retail sales, especially in the grocery segment of their business.

For Costco, membership revenue is king so recruiting new members is very important. While Costco enjoys a very high renewal rate on existing memberships, recruiting truly new memberships is more difficult as vey few people who visit their buildings are not already a member.

One of our Field Agents forwarded us this offer on Groupon for 50% off a Gold Star Membership at $60.00. But isn’t a Gold Star Membership already $60.00? Indeed it is! So Costco has bundled up the following to prove $120 in value for new Gold Star sign-ups:
– $10.00 Costco Cash Card
– Free Kirkland Signature Milk Chocolate Almonds ($14.99)
– Free Kirkland Signature Whole Bean Coffee ($13.99)
– $20.00 off orders of $100 or more on

This offer also got us wondering: “Are people still really using Groupon?”

The craze hit a few years ago now, so we surveyed 1620 Field Agents across Canada. We found that 56% of respondents had purchased at least one Groupon offer over the past six months and those who had used Groupon had bought an average of 2.6 offers over the past six months. Additionally, 20% of those active Groupon users were not already Costco members.

It looks like Costco may have found an interesting way to recruit new members!

Our Field Agents are reachable through our mobile app at any part of the path to purchase. Whether it is searching for deals on Groupon or buying produce in a Farmers Market, Field Agent can help you reach your shopper “in-the-moment” right across Canada!


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