Spotted by Field Agent @ Dominion


By far one of the most talked about events in the CPG world in 2015 was the merger of Heinz and Kraft which brought together a large stable of brands from across the grocery store.

Kraft was always well known as an innovator of master brand promotions which result in massive displays in-store and strong promotional support from retailers in several key periods through the year.

This year’s Kraft Hockeyville promotion is presented by Heinz ketchup, and the Heinz 1L pack and a few other Heinz products have found their way onto displays in supermarkets right across Canada.

This is an obvious low hanging fruit win for the new Kraft Heinz Company as part of the two efficiencies that 3G Capital saw in merging these two iconic food companies. It’s also highly likely that this is just the beginning of other synergies that we will see roll out in 2016!


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