Spotted By Field Agent @ Dollarama

It seems like each holiday has begun to come to retail earlier and earlier each year with retailers trying to get their merchandise on display before their competitors. This “seasonal creep” has been pushed by retailers like Costco as well as Dollarama who does a significant proportion of their revenue in seasonal merchandise.

Given that it is now January 9th, it may not be to surprising to se Valentine’s Day merchandise in-store, but this photo at Dollarama was taken on December 21st!!!

When many retailers were gearing up for the last minute rush of Christmas shoppers, Dollarama had already transitioned to Valentine’s merchandise. The balancing act for Dollarama is having enough Christmas merchandise to maximize sales and profits without getting stuck with seasonal merchandise on December 25th that needs to be cleared out!

In hockey the popular saying is to “Don’t play where the puck is, play where the puck will be.” It looks like Dollarama is using this as a guiding analogy for its seasonal merchandising as well. “Don’t play where the competition is, play where the competition will be.”


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