Spotted By Field Agent At Walmart

Last November, Walmart launched an “extreme value price” private label in its US stores called Price First. This brand plays in the bargain basement of private labels in highly commoditised categories such as Toilet Paper, Peanut Butter, Pasta, Ketchup, etc.

We suspect that this range was driven by the threat posed to Walmart US by dollar store operators and the true discounters like ALDI that are highly dependent on PL (up to 90% of the assortment).

Our Field Agent have now started to pick up Price First in Canadian Walmart stores, starting with the Price First Toilet Paper which is shown on the COMP RAIL of a Walmart store in Calgary.

If you play in a high PL penetration category and work on Walmart this may be more bad news for your growth and profit plans!

You can read more about the US launch of Price First at the link below:


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