Spotted By Field Agent At Walmart

As we have mentioned in this space several times before, Mondelez has been on a mission to partner its major brands to come up with winning products by combining different aisles of the Grocery store. Think Chips Ahoy! Dairy Milk bars and Smores displays in summer time with Dairy Milk chocolate, Bee Maid graham crackers and private label marshmallows!

Now Mondelez and Danone have partnered to develop Danone YoCrunch which is a combination vanilla yogurt with a sweet topping like Oreo cookie bites.

One of our Field Agent spotted this sign in the cookie aisle in Walmart directing traffic to the refrigerated section to check out this new yogurt product. Signs were also up in the Candy section in front of M&Ms promoting the combination of YoCrunch and M&M candies.

A great example of powerful cross-branding and cross-store merchandising that allowed this product to stand out in today’s crowded yogurt set and maybe attract non-yogurt users from the cookie aisle!


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