Spotted By Field Agent At T&T Supermarkets


Here at Field Agent Canada we are especially interested in the evolution and growth of Ethnic Retailing in Canada. With over 20% of our population being born outside of the country and those numbers on the rise, Ethnic Retailing is important for traditional and pure-play retailers as well as the vendor community

At T&T Supermarkets one of our Agents spotted this “Southeast Asian Zone” which carries products that are relevant for Filipino, Thai, Malaysian and other groups from countries outside China / Hong Kong which is the principal shopper of T&T Supermarkets.

We found this interesting for two reasons:

1) Southeast Asians, especially Filipinos are the largest source of new Canadian immigration. It is interesting to see T&T cater to this “secondary” market and realise the opportunity that exists in stores near Southeast Asian populations.

2) This “shop-in-shop” approach mimics how traditional retailers have merchandised Ethnic foods in one concentrated section in the store. However, the signage, shelf strips and location near the front of the store is much better than how most traditional retailers treat Ethnic Food merchandising.

Hopefully we will see more retailers executing Ethnic like this right across the country in the near future!


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