Spotted By Field Agent At Superstore


Co-branding products seem to be all the range in CPG these days, usually driven by huge suppliers like P&G and Kraft that are looking for synergies across their brand portfolio.

We spotted this display and were interested to see the Snuggle / Air Wick co-brand. Back when Snuggle was a Unilever brand this type of partnership with Reckitt Benckiser was not likely due to competitive concerns. Now that Snuggle is part of Sun Products portfolio which doesn’t overlap with RB’s brands, it has created an opportunity for both brands.

This display also made us want to sit down with a Cinnabon flavoured coffee from International Delight, plug in a Cinnabon air freshener from Air Wick and enjoy an actual Cinnabon bun! Off to the mall we go!


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