Spotted By Field Agent at Sobeys

Retailers are chomping at the bit for summer to arrive and our Agents are spotting lots of BBQ related goods are showing up on displays from coast-to-coast.

This display at Sobeys was jammed with Charcoal and lighters obviously targeted at the camping crowd as only 6% of Canadians use charcoal grills at home (see State of the Grill report above).

S’mores are also on the display and in their third season the Hershey S’mores product seem here to stay as a seasonal summer product. A convenient all in one box solution to a long standing campfire tradition!

While the display shown is a large one, it is located after the checkouts which might not be the best place unless you are specifically looking for these products. Check our newsletter next week when we look into the effectiveness of displays located after the checkout.


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