Spotted By Field Agent At Safeway


In keeping with our theme of sustainability for this issue, we had to highlight this display that was found in Safeway leading up to Christmas.

Most, if not all brands are trying to increases their “green” factor and produce more sustainable products – mainly because shoppers want and expect them.

However, we feel that this display has sacrificed in-store presence and shopper appeal by “over-greening”.

While Eco-Foil has a great product idea with 100% recycled materials used in their baking pans, the execution of their 100% Recycled Display was a step too far and produced a display that would not even fit-in at a Dollarama location. Good idea. Horrible Execution.

One key area where our industry could be more green is reducing the amount of cardboard (and increasingly, plastics) being used in display materials that last in-store for just a week or two (if they actually make it onto the store floor at all).

We challenge both the suppliers and retailers to develop ways to reduce the use of cardboard, increase the recycled content and recyclability of displays all while not sacrificing on shopper appeal or display integrity.

Just a small challenge for your Monday morning!


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