Spotted by Field Agent at Real Canadian Superstore

The blurring of lines between Retail and Foodservice is continuously blurring with supermarkets selling prepared meals in their attempts to become “Grocerants” while restaurant operators are selling products for use at home both in the restaurant and in grocery stores.

Recently we have seen Tim Hortons shop-in-shops in the coffee aisle and Cara’s acquisition of St. Hubert boosted their retail division in the sauces and frozen aisles.

The latest entrant is McDonalds who have made three of their “secret” sauces available in the condiments aisle with Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish and McChicken sauces just in time for BBQ season.

Our Agents tell us that the Big Mac sauce seems to be the top seller with many stores low or completely out of stock.

Seems like these products will give condiment sales a “Bump bump bu-bu-bump”!


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