Spotted By Field Agent At No Frills


Born from humble beginnings in rural New Brunswick, McCain Foods has grown into an international powerhouse in french fries as well as other frozen foods.

In the 57 years since it started operations, the McCain logo has been a fixture in freezers of Canadians and people around the world. Its stylized “McCain” enclosed in a black box with a yellow burst is one of our industry’s most recognizable symbols.

It appears that McCain is moving on and modernizing its logo as was spotted at No Frills this week. The photo above shows the “before and after” version of the packaging with the new logo including a sunrise at the centre of the logo and an updated font. The scene is reminiscent of a farmers field at sunrise.

The second photo shows the challenges that we all face with “hard phase” packaging changes and relaunches. High levels of out of stocks lead to lost sales, consumer confusion and frustration and lost market share.

Quality monitoring of retail execution can identify and minimize these pains by pin-pointing problems early reducing the impact of out-of-stocks on sales, profits and market share. A picture really is worth 1000 words!


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