Spotted By Field Agent At McDonald’s

Just in time for summer and leading up to Canada Day, McDonalds has launched the “Great Canadian Taste Adventure” with a menu of signature products meant to represent each of the regions of Canada.

Sandwich items are available for a limited time, including the “Cottage Country Chicken” (Ontario), “Western BBQ Burger” (Alberta) & “McLobster” (Atlantic). Interestingly the McLobster is “while supplies last” starting on June 17th.

British Columbia is represented by the “Chocolate Nanaimo Sundae” while Quebec is symbolized by the “Maple & Bacon Poutine”.

All items look quite yummy in a stereotypical way. Maybe one day we will be able to see special menus include some of the ethic flavors that are the true spice to our Canadian cuisine! Anybody for McFalafel or McGyoza?


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