Spotted By Field Agent At McDonald’s

Just one day after Thanksgiving, McDonalds will be luring customers back to its counters and drive-thrus with the irresistible call of its Monopoly promotion launching October 13th.

Spotting this pre-launch sticker at a drive-thru got us wondering which promotion is older: McDonalds Monopoly program or Tim Hortons “Roll Up The Rim” program.

Monopoly has been a mainstay at McDonalds since 1987 and “Roll Up The Rim” was launched by Tim Hortons one year earlier in 1986, back when the largest price was a pack of TimBits. How far we have come!

The power of these promotions are self-evident in the longevity of the programs, both of which have been running for longer than many of the employees smiling at us from the other side of the counter.


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