Spotted By Field Agent At London Drugs

If you are a parent, you know all too well the feeling of standing in front of the children’s cough / cold / fever medicine section and trying to find the one product that is right for your child’s symptoms and make them feel better. It can be overwhelming.

Now imagine doing this where all the packaging is in a languages that is your second, third or even fourth language. This is a challenge faced by new Canadians everyday. With over 20% of Canadians having been born outside Canada we need to make sure we find ways to speak to those who have not yet mastered English and/or French.

Johnson & Johnson’s Children’s Tylenol brand has a unique execution in this aisle at London Drugs. By using QR codes and simple, one-word language to encourage shoppers to scan for a product selection guide in their language J&J has broken down a lot of barriers in shopper communication.

Its also a perfect example of how suppliers and retailers can leverage the mobile technology that shoppers are bringing to their store each and every day.


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