Spotted By Field Agent At Dominion

Loblaw is making another push on its Guiding Stars program with large in-store displays and a national media campaign.

This large lobby display catches your attention when you are leaving the store (which may be the wrong time) but it was also accompanied by a Guiding Stars reference book on a nice podium in the produce section.

The program is toted as “Nutritious Choices Made Simple” and replaces the somewhat confusing system of Nutrition Facts panels and ingredient lists with a simple 0-star to 3-star rating for each product. Find out more at

We all need to eat a little healthier and Guiding Stars is a good example of corporate social responsibility around one of Canada’s biggest challenges. The Canada Food Guide has been around since 1942 and we have only gotten more unhealthy.

Has Loblaw created something that we can actually follow and get healthier?


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