Spotted By Field Agent At Dominion

Pallets are notoriously difficult to merchandise in-store with out an impending sense of being in a warehouse. Often stores are not able to find spots for all the DRPs that are sent to them and they end up in odd spots around the store (or never make it to the floor at all).

It is rare to find pallets in the Bakery section of the store but we found this great execution of a pallet display for Little Debbie snack cakes that turned the pallet into a gigantic lunchbox. The simple design is eye-catching and the near life-size child peeking out from behind the lid of the lunchbox really gets your attention!

One unique thing about this pallet is that it is not “fully cubed” meaning the supplier did not go to maximise the “sell-in” potential of the whole 4’x4’x4′ cube of the pallet but we are sure the next time Little Debbie has a pallet distribution they will have an easier sell based on the appeal of this execution.


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