Spotted By Field Agent At Costco US


In addition to our 24,000 Agents in Canada we also have nearly 300,000 Agents across the US which gives you unprecedented visibility across the North American market!

We spotted this display of Electronic Cigarettes in the HABA section of a Costco store in California. It caught our eye mainly because of the “billboard” branding on the bottom of the pallet and the “showcase” approach to highlighting the product which seems more in-line with jewellery than a smoking replacement!

The Electronic Cigarette is a fast growing business that is drawings lots of emotional reaction from both the PRO and CON side of the camp. While in the US tobacco laws are behind those in Canada (CVS just announced this week that they would stop selling cigarettes in their drug stores), these new products have introduced a substantial grey area around where they can be sold, advertised and consumed that regulators in both the US and Canada are looking to address.

Needless to say, the positioning next to Diapers in the HABA set shows just how unsure retailers are about how these products fit into their merchandising mix.


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