Spotted by Field Agent @ 7-Eleven U.S.

Recently, a group of academics pulled together a “Canadian English” dictionary of terms that were specifically Canadian or even used locally in a specific area of Canada.

According to CBC News, The  Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles is the culmination of a decade of work by academics. It’s an updated version of a document that was published in 1967, for Canada’s centennial.
One of those Canadianisms is “All Dressed” which is used in a variety of ways in Canada but most commonly is a flavour of Ruffles potato chips.

At 7-Eleven in Florida we spotted All Dressed Ruffles with a maple leaf on the bag and claiming it is the #1 flavour in Canada.

Ruffles also explains the flavour on the back of the pack. Will this be the next big Canadian hit in the USA?


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