Special Report: State of the Grill 2016

After a long hard winter, Canada is quickly closing in on the all too short window where we spark up the grill and take the heat out if the kitchen and onto the patio.

Last week, Field Agent talked to 300 Canadians about their plans for the upcoming grilling season so that we could help you plan your summer merchandising plans.

Key insights include:

  • Propane is king of the grill
  • Half of Canadians grill at least 3 times per week
  • On-Line Reviews are the most influential source of info for BBQ purchasers
  • 22% of respondents plan to purchase a new BBQ this season
  • Hamburgers are the top protein on the grill
  • Canadians wash down their BBQ with lots of beer

Your products need to be in-place very shortly so your sales projections don’t get burned. Field Agent would be happy to help you get visibility on the in-store execution this season!

Download the full report here.


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