Something Fishy Going On in the Seafood Section

There was a very interesting segment on CBC’s Marketplace this week which investigated the types of fish that consumers were receiving vs. what they thought they were purchasing at Grocery stores across Canada.

Marketplace tested 150 samples of pre-packaged and store packaged fish and found a whopping 22% of the sample purchases were of a different species of fish (Atlantic Salmon vs. Pacific Salmon) or even worse (haddock vs. cod).

It appears that many of the discrepancies were probably legitimate “errors” but with prices varying so much between species there is definitely an opportunistic situation for less than credible suppliers or retailers.

Expect the oversight of fresh and foodservice suppliers and the ingredient quality they claim (free range, organic, wild, etc.) to increase – if not by the CFIA then by the retailers and shoppers themselves.

Watch the Marketplace segment.


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