Sobeys Releases First Annual Sustainability Report – Have You Read It?

Originally Posted in November 2009

I have been following international retailing trends quite closely and one of my “Top 5” trends that were big globally but just blossoming in Canada is “sustainability”.

Big international retailers such as Tesco and Wal-mart have had reports on their “green” initiatives for several years now and it appears that Sobeys has now joined the fray and taken a leadership role in Food retailing in Canada.

You should take the time to read through the report (whether you work with Sobeys or not) as Canadian CPG retailers will all soon follow suit.

You can download the report at:

As a CPG supplier you must find ways to align the retailers sustainability goals with your brands; whether it be through promotions that support their initiatives or your company’s own sustainability efforts.

Have you read you company’s sustainability report? Do they have one? A quick search of your corporate website should give you the answer pretty quickly.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of the supplier-retailer relationship of today. Just like Supply Chain, Category Management and Account Management.

Are you ready for today?


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