S’mores Treats Pop Up All Over

When I think of s’mores, I visualize sitting at the campfire and putting together the traditional delicious combination of a roasted marshmallow sandwiched between two graham wafer crackers and chocolate.  S’mores are more than just a food product.  They represent a traditional campfire treat for many people in the US and Canada and have been a part of many childhood memories.

In the last few years, s’mores have seen a major transformation.  “S’more” originates from the words  “some more” as consumers could not get enough of these tasty treats.  They have been popping up all over the place in various stores incorporating different product variations.  It seems as though the public just can’t get enough of these tasty treats!

S’mores originated in the 1920s and the Girl Scouts of America are credited with inventing s’mores.  The association published the very first recipe in its 1927 handbook.  Today, the treat has its own Facebook page and there is an informal holiday called National S’mores Day, which people celebrate on August 10th each year.

Our field agents have been busy finding different s’mores products at various stores in Canada and we have chosen to profile some of these products below.  Let’s see what all the hype is about.


Simply Food Chewy S’mores

Shoppers Drug Mart has developed its own line of s’mores.  Reminiscent of chewy granola bars, these s’mores add in all you would expect from a traditional s’more product.

photo 1-7


Everyday Market S’mores Trail Mix

Shoppers Drug Mart’s everyday food line added this unique item.  This variation of s’mores as a trail mix is a unique adaptation of this traditional treat.

photo 2-5


Russell Stover S’Mores

Russell Stover has done a good job marketing these one-pak treats.  Our field agents spotted these treats at Save-On foods at each cash register .  This makes for quick and easy purchases of these snack-size treats.



President’s Choice S’mores Cream Pie

Loblaw’s big private brand constantly creates new and unique products which contributes to holding its number one private brand position in Canada.  S’mores cream pie looks delicious and reminds us that this tasty treat can be adapted to create a new pie product.



S’mores Blizzard of the Month

Dairy Queen has recently jumped on the s’mores bandwagon by offering a s’mores blizzard of the month.  This blizzard is now available as a regular menu item and the company’s US site sells a S’mores Blizzard Cake.



Great Value S’mores Kit

Walmart’s Great Value Brand now has its own s’mores kit.  Customers can pick up this kit and head out for a fun camping weekend!

photo 1-8


Hershey’s S’mores

Hershey’s developed its own s’mores kit with a s’mores photo on the front cover that looks delicious.  It should be interesting to see if other chocolate makers such as Cadbury develop their own s’mores products to compete.

photo 2-6


HoneyMaid Graham Wafers

HoneyMaid graham wafers have been around for a long time.  They are a staple for creating s’mores and the front cover of this package displays the traditional campfire treat.

photo 3-5


Kellogg’s S’mores Pop-Tarts

Kellogg innovators developed a s’mores pop tart that incorporates the popular s’mores ingredients.  Marshmallows and chocolate are loaded inside of this treat.



Pepperidge Farms Grahams S’mores

The popular goldfish makers have made s’mores into a tasty treat that kids will enjoy.  Unlike traditional s’mores, this version offers a treat as a snacking convenience.



There are many s’mores products to choose from and customers will be able to choose among these tasty treats this summer.  Consumers can choose from making the traditional campfire treats, buying a pie or Goldfish Graham S’mores or any of the other many s’more items available.  Enjoy!




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