SINS App Review: Microsoft Photosynth

If you work in the CPG industry you have most likely been faced with this frustrating issue. You are standing is a narrow aisle trying to take a photo of a 24 foot plan-o-gram and it is impossible to get one nice consistent photo of the whole section – until now.

If you have an iPhone you have to download Microsoft Photosynth, a free app that will change how you take photos.

Now, the iPhone 4 has an awesome camera so adding Photosynth will give you amazing photos that capture what you see in store.

Simply open Photosynth, take numerous photos as you walk down the aisle capturing the plan-o-gram in four-foot sections.

What makes Photosynth amazing is that at the touch of a button it will stitch all your photos together into one photo that looks like it has been professionally edited.

You can also use Photosynth to shoot 360° photos that give you a full vision for what a shopper can see standing in a particular section of the store.

Who would of thought? A Microsoft app for Apple iPhone that truly amazes!


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