Grocers And Vendors Giving Back This Holiday Season

I was in Superstore today and noticed an end aisle featuring a limited edition President’s Choice Blue Menu deluxe macaroni and cheese dinner.  It was branded as Extra Helping and was $5 per box.

Loblaw has partnered with the Extra Helping National Holiday Food Drive to try and raise $1.2 million and 1.2 million pounds of food in 2011 through the purchase of President’s Choice Blue Menu macaroni and cheese.

Each $5 box of macaroni and cheese will contribute $1 as a cash donation and $4 worth of non-perishable food to local food banks.  Customers can also donate by purchasing or bringing in non-perishable food items or cash donations.

This innovative campaign is similar to the Buy One Give One BOGO format that some companies have adopted in response to demonstrating corporate social responsibility.  It is different and more innovative than the traditional food donation box campaigns.

I also noticed that ConAgra is featuring a similar campaign.  When customers buy any 4 participating ConAgra food products, the company will donate $1 to food banks across Canada.  Participating brands from ConAgra include: Hunt’s and Chef  Boyardee and VH to name a few.

The holidays and the winter season are a time for giving.  Need is high and is ever increasing.

These campaigns offer consumers an opportunity to support social causes that they care about.  Also, retailers can build their brand and category sales while food banks are consulted to identify products they need.

If the holiday food drive targets are met, maybe more companies will get on board to offer more of these programs in the future offering a win-win for both the retailer and those in need.


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