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See your business through your shopper’s eyes

Shopping is an emotional, social and interactive experience. All the various touchpoints a shopper has with your staff along the path-to-purchase is driving the shopper’s perception of and loyalty to your brand.

Traditionally, mystery shopping has been expensive and took a long time to execute, which is not in-line with today’s fast-paced retail industry. Field Agent has developed a mystery shopping solution for retailers that provides quick and inexpensive feedback from real shopper interactions in-store. Our Canadian Mystery Shoppers are almost 100,000 strong and can visit your stores anytime and anywhere so you can assess whether the in-store experience meets your standards.

We specialize in targeted mystery shopping missions with 10 to 20 follow up questions and we keep it affordable so you can get a broader range of data. Our innovative technology also allows mystery shoppers to submit “Video Selfies” taken right after the shopping experience which can really bring to life the in-store experience of your shoppers.

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  • Quick and targeted mystery shops give you the frequency you need.
  • Coverage right across Canada with almost 100,000 Canadian Mystery Shoppers.
  • Any time and in any channel including: Grocery, Convenience, Mobile, Electronics and even Farmers Markets!
  • Live reporting of results through our online dashboard
  • Video Selfies to bring the shopper experience alive for your teams.
  • Cost effective deliverables to meet any budget.


What types of Mystery Shops are retailers doing with Field Agent?


Omni Channel

Retail is everywhere and understanding how shoppers interact not only with your physical stores, but also with websites, mobile apps, call centres, click-and-collect points and packages delivered to their door is critical. You can reach our Canadian Mystery Shoppers anywhere in the omnichannel journey whether at-home, in-store or on-the-go!

Real Shoppers

Our almost 100,000 Canadian Mystery Shoppers are real shoppers who visit your stores every day. We can screen respondents so that the shopper providing feedback fits the profile of your target customer so that the feedback provided is relevant and actionable.

Real-Time Data Capture

With our mobile crowdsourcing capabilities, we’ve streamlined the mystery shopping process to make it simpler for our clients and the mystery shopper, in order to bring you the data you need within days rather than weeks. Data is live-streamed to you via our on-line dashboard as soon as it is captured.

Mobile vs. Paper

There’s no need for a pen and clipboard for our mystery shops. We have Canada’s most advanced mobile mystery shopping platform that gives Android and Apple users amazing tools embedded in our app including photo and video capture, built in timer and even a UPC scan technology!

Examples of Our Work


When Walmart announced its partnership with delivery provider Postmates in the US we had real shoppers try out the experience and provide insights about what went well and what could be improved. We deployed video capture as well so we were looking “right over the shoulder” of the mystery shopper in the moment!
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We also had shoppers test out the Walmart Curbside Pick-Up in California as it was being tested and provide their feedback on this hybrid model of e-commerce as we followed them on the whole path to purchase.
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When German hard discounter Lidl launched into the US market we sent shoppers to all 10 stores that opened on the same day and had them provide us with feedback about the shopping experience compared to their normal supermarkets and we live-streamed the results to the world!
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