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It’s never been faster or more affordable to gain market insights.

The retail landscape in Canada is rapidly evolving and so are the wants and needs of Canadian shoppers. Expanding e-commerce acceptance in a wide range of categories and exciting new services such as click-and-collect are creating a brave new omni-channel world.

Understanding how shoppers will react to new initiatives is critical as the costs are high and margins are relatively low in retail. Making a mistake can be disastrous.

Field Agent gives you access to our panel of 100,000 real Canadian shoppers, who are ready to respond to your questions anytime, anywhere. Armed with our smartphone app, these “Agents” can respond to surveys at-home, in-store or anywhere along the path to purchase.

Retailers have used Field Agent to explore shopper attitudes on a wide range of topics including loyalty programs, packaging design, private label product concepts and store design.

Field Agent has a full suite of research capabilities, so we can manage projects both big and small all while keeping you well within your budget.

  • Insights at the “point of influence” through our mobile app.
  • Immediate feedback from the heart while the consumer experience is fresh.
  • Utilize in-store reviews, surveys, and community-based engagement.
  • Data is evaluated against GPS markers, photo/video verification, and more.
  • Receive real-time analytics with your own dashboard, client portal, and custom reports.
  • Assured privacy and security for your business’s personal data.

What types of research are retailers doing with Field Agent?

Concept Testing

Before you roll out that new retail design to your whole chain, Field Agent can provide in-the-moment insights from shoppers interacting with pilot stores to ensure that the shopper embraces the concept and the change will drive sales.  

In-Store Reviews

How do your customers view your store? Was your store clean and well-organized, did your displays catch the eye, was the service helpful and friendly? Our mystery shoppers offer feedback to help you understand where your business succeeds, and what needs improvement.

New Item Analysis

If you’re ready to bring new items into your retail store but aren’t sure how the consumers will react? Get feedback from your shoppers on the potential new items to help you make the right assortment decisions for your business and better manage inventory against demand.

Buy & Try

Do you have a private brand product that is not meeting expectations? Our Buy & Try service sends shoppers to your stores to purchase a specific product and then report back on the experience of using it so you can make necessary adjustments and better meet shoppers needs.

Examples of Our Work


Field Agent surveyed nearly 1000 Canadian grocery shoppers about the supermarkets they shopped at most often and asked for feedback on a range of touchpoints in the shopping experience including customer service, store cleanliness and the overall offering by section.

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Back to School shopping is a major retail event and Field Agent surveyed 300 Canadian moms so retailers could understand how to best meet the needs of their shoppers.

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Understanding how today’s digital shopper navigates the path-to-purchase is become more important as e-commerce sales grow in practically This report offers retailers a rare, shopper-centered look at online retail, with special emphasis on shoppers who go online for “everyday” items like groceries. 

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