Retail Watch: Trader Joe’s – Palm Desert, CA

During my travels I plan to bring you some insights into retailers that I have a chance to visit as well as some ideas that you can use in your business in order to “sell more and sell more profitably”.

This week I am just outside Palm Springs, CA and today I had the opportunity to visit a truly iconic retailer – Trader Joe’s.

You know how the smell of fresh baked brownies makes almost anyone happy, right?

Imagine walking in the door of a grocery store to be greeted with a product demo for “Reduced Guilt Brownies” featured for only $2.49 and being baked right in front of you.

Being able to smell the brownies baking provided a warm welcome, drew a lot of attention and being able to taste them right out of the oven meant they were moving a lot of packages!

As you can see  in the photo above, Trader Joe’s uses clear and colorful signage with a sense of humor that makes shopping a fun adventure. Sure beats the standard flip-number price sign!

Trader Joe’s is a Control Label expert with up to 90% of the products in its store – from fresh milk to frozen pizzas bearing the Trader Joe’s branding. Products are unique to their stores and adds to the excitement of shopping at this store.

The fact that they are CL experts should come as no surprise given that the chain is owned by Aldi – one of the leading Hard Discount retailers from Germany that are taking Europe by storm with their great prices on exclusive brands.

Compared to the local supermarket competitors such as Stater Bros. & Albertson’s prices appeared to be significantly lower despite the qualitative environment.

One great example of their great prices on exclusive brands is their line of Charles Shaw wines which are very drinkable and retail for only $1.99. This fabulous product is affectionately known as “Two Buck Chuck”.

Cases are located near the checkouts for easy access by customers and are stacked under a sign promoting “Same great price since 2001”. It’s not uncommon to see people loading 3 or 4 cases into their cars in the parking lot!

Trader Joe’s has 339 stores in 25 states across the USA. Be sure to check one out on your next visit south of the border – and be sure to try a brownie!!!

Two Buck Chuck - "Same great price since 2001"

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