Retail Watch: ARCO am/pm C-Store – Thousand Palms, CA

Sometimes you come across a simple idea that can really boost category sales.

This simple idea in the refrigerated drinks section at an ARCO C-Store in California solved the issue I often face of getting easily disoriented each time I go to a c-store to buy a cold drink.

The challenge in this environment is with bright lighting, it becomes difficult to see the products and identify each segment of the category from a distance. The result is the “walk-of-shame” from door to door of the cooler while  trying to make a purchase decision.

The simple static cling corner signs on the glass doors help the shopper easily identify the various beverage segments in the cooler and focus their decision making.

Simple and iconic indicators (likely based on the Consumer Decision Tree) help guide the shopper to the purchase.

Their bright colors and position at the top of the door allow shoppers to see them clearly over the other fixtures and displays on the shop floor.

An added benefit is that they are easy to update as the plan-o-gram changes (unlike the fixed signage that is above the doors in this example) and statics are low cost to produce and replace.

Simple and easy to execute. A winning idea.


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