QR Codes: We Told You They Were Popular But…

Late last  year we did a quick blog entry on the emergence of QR Codes as part of shopper marketing initiatives and was bold enough to declare 2011 the “Year of the QR Code”.

Recently we have made a few observations that confirm that this is not a “flash in the pan” idea but a technology that is part of how we will communicate with shoppers and each other.

First, at a local coffee shop here in Calgary, AB we saw two strangers strike up a conversation and instead of exchanging numbers at the end of their chat, these twenty somethings got out their smart phones and exchanged QR Codes adding each others complete information to their address books instantly.

Second, comes the news from Phoenix, AZ that a tattoo artist is putting QR Codes on his clients extremities. See more in this article and video.

How will your brand exchange information with your customers at retail in a seamless and effortless way?

Which brands will be introducing temporary QR Code tattoos this summer so that people can check out their brand when they get home from the nightclub, festival, fireworks display or convenience store?

It will be interesting to see where we will see QR Codes show up next…


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