Products to Keep in Mind for Summer Demand

Products to Keep in Mind for Summer Demand - Field Agent Canada - Mystery Shoppers Canada

It’s a common reality that consumer behaviour and product sales are often seasonal in nature. Now that we’ve emerged from winter, it’s a particularly apt time to consider this. Let’s look at some products whose performance you may want to pay close attention to during this summer.

Dieting & Fitness

When summer comes around, consumers are often keen to double down on improving their fitness and dieting habits. Summer trips to beaches or lakes are big motivators for this, and it expresses itself in a number of product preferences. Prominent examples include fitness apparel, protein powder, keto diet-friendly snacks, and more. Be sure to give these items the spotlight they need to shine. They’re excellent candidates for fun and colourful displays as well.


This one goes hand-in-hand with dieting and fitness. The desire to get into shape and feel healthier than ever is often intertwined with skincare. During the summer season, consumers will not only be looking out for anti-aging and moisturizing products, but also those that provide necessary protection from UV rays. Don’t forget that sunscreen is an item that should be displayed within immediate reach for those who are on their way to enjoy a day in the sun.

Food, Drink, & Party Goods

Every season entails some kind of occasion that calls for a gathering of friends or family, but summer is unique in this department. It’s a time of year when the quantity and frequency of get-togethers and hosting are particularly high. This places high demand on serving supplies, beverages, ingredients for appetizers and finger foods, and more. It’s especially useful to develop a detailed sense of what consumables are trending for party hosts over the summer.


It generally goes without saying that the winter is a time of high traffic for gift shopping, but the period from late spring until the end of summer is not to be underestimated either. This is, after all, wedding season, so it’s important to ensure high in-store performance for goods that commonly serve as giftware for newlyweds, such as kitchenware and other household commodities. It’s also graduation season, so gifts for young adults should be performing well, too.

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