Nutella Sizzles All Over Canada

Nutella has long been a staple on grocery store shelves but recently it seems as though it has been popping up everywhere. The company has been working on marketing its product in a variety of different ways and companies such as Longo’s and Tim Hortons are helping Nutella on its way.

Just this month, Nutella revealed its partnership with Longo’s. The company has created the Nutella Creperie, which debuted at Longo’s Maple Leaf Garden location in downtown Toronto.

This pop-up crepe kitchen will be travelling to Longo’s stores across the Greater Toronto area, making fresh-to-order Nutella crepes.

Longo’s also features freshly baked brownies and cookies in its bakeries that use Nutella as a main ingredient.

Nutella was first imported from Italy over 40 years ago and offers a unique combination of roasted hazelnuts with a hint of cocoa. The product contains no artificial colours and preservatives and opened and unopened jars are stored at room temperature.

Ferrero Canada Inc. makes Nutella and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The company’s main production plant is located in Brantford, Ontario and supplies North America with Nutella.

Recently, the company has created a new product called Nutella & Go, which features a handy ready-to-go container with breadsticks and Nutella spread. This product is created as an on-the-go snack for busy consumers.

According to Euromonitor, Nutella does not have any major competition in Canada in the $72.5 million chocolate spreads category and the company captured 78.7% of sales within the category in 2014.

The total spreads category includes chocolate spreads, jams, preserves and honey and is valued at $536.6 million. Nutella captured 10.6% of this market during the latest fiscal year.

Just this spring, Tim Horton’s began selling new bakery items featuring Nutella. The chocolate hazelnut donut filled with Nutella is a delicious addition to the companies other bakery items. The donut is filled with creamy, rich Nutella and topped with roasted chopped hazelnuts.


Customers may also order bagels with Nutella spread and sugarcoated pastry pockets filled with Nutella.

Tim Hortons is also starting an online contest along with the Nutella launch. Customers are encouraged to send an uplifting message to friends on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag SpreadTheLove and they will be entered in a contest to win free Nutella baked goods.

Tim Hortons is offering these bakery items as a limited time offer and the promotion will end June 9.

Superstore recently featured a big, eye-catching Nutella display in one of its stores with beautiful in-store signage and pictures along with Nutella spread and bananas. This display gave customers different ideas for using this versatile spread.

Ferrero Canada’s latest Nutella marketing campaigns have left Nutella on the minds of Canadians. It is likely the company will capture new product users who will start to enjoy this tasty spread in many different ways.


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